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A Morse test used to be the final part of getting an 'A' licence. A little after the Foundation, Intermediate, and Full licence tiers were introduced, the Morse test was completely removed from the sylabus, instead replaced by a Morse Appreciation — a letter by letter sending and receiving exercise. In more recent years, even this requiremnet has been dropped from the sylabus (along with all the other practical requirements). You'd think Morse Code was dead — and in most cases you would be right.

The one place Morse code is still very much alive however is within the Amateur Radio community. It is said to be the one mode virtually guarenteed to 'get through' when all others fail, excepting the WSJT suite of modes which only allow very short messages, require very accurately timed computer clocks, can only be read and sent via computer, and which take an extraordinarily long time to send and recceive.

If you observe an operator who has truly mastered the art of Morse Code (try to observe Jay M0UNN at the club), then the speed of communication, seemingly effortless movement of the arm, and ability to talk to colleagues at the same time is something to behold.

Unfortunately the club does not currently teach Morse, however there are several books and resources that anyone interested in this method of communication may wish to check out

NLWARC endorses Castle Electronics

After using a number of local and not so local Amateur Radio Repair Shops over the years, and having to get radio's re-repaired time and time again after shops have failed to set radio's up properly or have not explained what caused the fault allowing you to 'change your habits' NLWARC have been impressed with the technical knowledge and customer service provided by Geoff at Castle Electronics.

As a bonus Geoff has agreed to provide a 5% discount for all members of NLWARC.

Castle Electronics,
Unit 2,
Village Workshops,
Talerddig Road,
SY21 0AS

Tel: 01938 820 880
email Castle

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